Physical Education

The Moscrop PE program values participation, choice and inclusion for its students’ learning experience. Students are presented diverse opportunities in physical education that introduce, reinforce, and extend their physical literacy and knowledge base. Moscrop PE provides an up to date curriculum in health education, fitness, individual, dual, and team play. In addition, the senior PE program streams toward the notion of lifelong learning; that the foundations learned in PE 8, 9, and 10 are applied in PE 11 and 12 to support a healthy active lifestyle into adulthood.

Physical Education 8,9,10 (MANDATORY COURSES)

The Junior PE Program at Moscrop is based on the principles of choice, inclusion and participation. Our objectives are to provide students with a basic knowledge and skill level to play a great variety of sport, and, most importantly, to create opportunities to be active and have fun, and instill the motivation to lead an active lifestyle. Grade 10 students can apply to participate in our English / PE Leadership Course instead of regular PE 10.

While students will participate in PE with their scheduled PE teacher from September to December, they are presented with a variety of curricular choices for each teaching unit between January and May. The emphasis for our grade 8 and 9 students will be more on skill development and game rules and etiquette, while grade 10 PE will focus more on fair play and sport strategy, less on skill development and basic knowledge. Our health units (one month) will focus on the following topics:
Grade 8: Consequences of Drug abuse (Drugs, smoking, alcohol)
Grade 9: Sex Education and Healthy Relationships
Grade 10: Healthy Lifestyle (Nutrition and Activity Level)

The choices students have from January to May are designed to encourage students to select a balance of team and individual sports as well as a sport they feel comfortable in. We are offering a variety of sports including unusual opportunities such as golf and First Aid. Units are usually 8-10 classes in length. Unit selection takes place in January. Changes to the January choices may be made with parent consent at least two weeks prior to the start of each unit only.

Evaluation is based mainly on participation, but also reflects fitness, skill and cognitive aspects. Minor changes may be made:

Participation 40% based on a five point daily scale.
Fitness 15% Warm ups, fitness tests
Knowledge 20% A unit test (Rules & etiquette of sport)
Skill 20% based on a unit skill

Students who cannot participate in P.E. for an extended period of time are required to complete medical assignments. If the injury or medical condition persists other options of programming can be explored.

Sport Handout
Badminton Guides/Rules
Basketball Guides/Rules
Cross-Country Guides/Rules
Field Hockey Guides/Rules
Floor Hockey Guides/Rules
Football Guides/Rules
Gymnastics Guides/Rules
Handball Guides/Rules
Lacrosse Guides/Rules
Netball Guides/Rules
Ultimate Frisbee Guides/Rules
Indoor Soccer Guides/Rules
Outdoor Soccer Guides/Rules
Rugby Guides/Rules
Softball Guides/Rules
Tennis Guides/Rules
Volleyball (Beginner’s) Guides/Rules
Volleyball (Intermediate’s) Guides/Rules
Weight Training Guides/Rules,
Safety Outline
Wrestling Guides/Rules
Miscellaneous Work Habit/Self-Assessment

Physical Education 11/12

The P.E. 11/12 program is an extension of the P.E. 10 program. Like P.E. 10 options are offered each month in team and individual sports but also include activities such as archery, racquetball, outdoor education, and cycling.

Students will also participate in field trips such as bowling, billiards, curling, skiing, wall climbing and golf. A fee is assessed in September to cover the cost of these activities.

Students will be asked to assist in driving to the community activities. A “Volunteer Driver Authorization Form” will be required to aid in completing insurance regulations. These forms will be available from the P.E. 11/12 instructor.

Evaluation for the P.E. 11/12 class will be different then the pattern of evaluation for P.E. 8-10. Marks will be generated from participation, skill, and field trip organization. Less emphasis will be placed on fitness and test scores.

Physical Education 11/12 Girls

The layout of this course is similar to the general PE 11/12 course described above. Content will depend on the preferences of course participants. Besides playing major sports, we will regularly spend time on fitness doing activities such as yoga, boot camp, weight room, etc. We will also explore community opportunities such as hot yoga, spinning class, hiking etc. Again, course participants can be part of creating the content of this course.

Weight Training 11/12

This course focuses on improving students’ muscular strength and endurance while increasing their knowledge of muscular anatomy and physiology. Students will also be looking at areas of nutrition, weight programs, training equipment and technique safety.

Strength and Conditioning for Athletes 11/12

Have you wanted to find specific ways to achieve your athletic potential in your chosen athletic event? This course will teach students how to apply the components of fitness, functional training, nutrition for optimal performance and sport specific conditioning to their own particular athletic event or team sport. This will in turn allow you to compete at a higher level and achieve better performance.

Physical Education (English) Leadership 10

This course is designed to give students the opportunity to explore leadership skills around curricular English and PE. Students participate in a scheduled English and PE class while completing required leadership projects. Projects range from school wide events to the class’s fieldtrips. Students are also expected to complete a number of service hours per term. This can be time spent as score keepers, referees, setting up for dances, or helping with lunch time events such as intra-murals.
Students wishing to participate in PE (English) Leadership 10 are required to complete an application form. Successful applicants will be individuals who have demonstrated the ability to be active group members. During course selection, care needs to be taken to ensure that both the English and the PE selection is made as they are inseparable.

Physical Education Leadership 11/12

PE Leadership is a program designed for individuals interested in a career or job in the field of recreation or sport. PE Leadership qualifies as an Applied Skills (4 credit) course. Students in the PE Leadership program act as a PE assistant to one of the PE 8-10 classes. Students are expected to help in skill development, group management, and some evaluation. They wll be an active part of every class, leading games and warm ups. PE Leadership students are also expected to attend a mandatory morning class where issues and theory will be discussed. Assignments and discussions will be structured to build the students’ knowledge of coaching and PE theory.


Mrs. Colleen Gaskell (DH)
Ms. Shelley Brown
Mr. Craig Bymoen
Mr. Scott Howard
Mr. Scott Spracklin (Athletic Director)
Mr. Nikesh Mehta
Mr. Adrian Wong


  1. Badminton –
  2. Basketball –  and
  3. Field Hockey –
  4. Floor Hockey –
  5. Football – rule rule1
  6. Golf –
  7. Gymnastics –
  8. Handball –
  9. Lacrosse –
  10. Netball –
  11. Rugby –
  12. Soccer –
  13. Softball –
  14. Tchoukball –
  15. Tennis –
  16. Track & Field –
  17. Ultimate –
  18. Volleyball –
  19. Wrestling –