Physical Education


The Moscrop PHE program of instruction supports the BC Curriculum for Physical and Health Education. We base our instructions on principles of inclusion and encourage all learners to develop knowledge, movement skills and positive attitudes for a healthy, active lifestyle. Students are presented diverse opportunities in physical education that introduce, reinforce, and extend their physical literacy and knowledge base. Students receive marks on participation, safety, fair play, leadership, skill, fitness and knowledge. Moscrop PE provides an up to date curriculum in health education, fitness, individual, dual, and team play. In addition, the Senior PE (Active Living 11/12) program streams toward the notion of lifelong learning; that the foundations learned in PHE 8, 9, and 10 are applied in Active Living 11 and 12 to support a healthy active lifestyle into adulthood.

Physical & Health Education 8,9,10 (MANDATORY COURSES)

The Junior PHE Program at Moscrop is based on the principles of choice, inclusion and participation. Our objectives are to provide students with a basic knowledge and skill level to play a great variety of sport, and, most importantly, to create opportunities to be active and have fun, and instill the motivation to lead an active lifestyle.

Students will participate in PHE with their scheduled PHE teacher from September to December, they are presented with a variety of curricular choices for each teaching unit between January and May. The emphasis for our grade 8 and 9 students will be more on skill development and game rules and etiquette, while grade 10 PHE will focus more on fair play and sport strategy, less on skill development and basic knowledge. Our health units (one month) will focus on the following topics:
Grade 8: Consequences of Drug abuse (Drugs, vaping, alcohol, mental health,)
Grade 9: Sex Education and Healthy Relationships
Grade 10: Healthy Lifestyle and wellness (Nutrition and Activity Level)

The choices students have from January to May are designed to encourage students to select a balance of team and individual sports as well as a sport they feel comfortable in. We are offering a variety of sports including unusual opportunities such as golf and First Aid. Units are usually 8-10 classes in length. Unit selection takes place in January. Changes to the January choices may be made with parent consent at least two weeks prior to the start of each unit only.

(Some program changes may be made due to Covid -19)

Evaluation is based mainly on participation, but also reflects fitness, skill and cognitive aspects. Minor changes may be made:

Participation 40% based on a five-point daily scale.
Fitness 20% Warm ups, fitness tests
Knowledge 20% A unit test (Rules & etiquette of sport)
Skill 20% based on a unit skill

Students who cannot participate in PHE for an extended period of time are required to complete medical assignments. If the injury or medical condition persists other options of programming can be explored.

 Applications of Leadership PHE 9 and 10

 This course is designed for students who are passionate about leading and promoting positive school spirit at Moscrop. This class is intended for students who enjoy PHE and want to develop their leadership potential. Students have opportunities to become actively involved in leadership projects within the school and in the community. Potential student candidates are required to submit an application for this course.

Physical & Health Education/English Leadership 10

Students enrolled in this invaluable program receive full credit for both English 10 & Physical & Health Education 10.  Students develop their leadership potential: designing & participating in class projects, field trips to live theatre, unique leadership assignments pertaining to literature, & supporting Moscrop initiatives (i.e.Cornfest, Woodstock).  English & PHE 10 are scheduled in the timetable to run back-to-back in the afternoon.  This schedule allows for extended time for field trips & related leadership activities.  Applications are mandatory prior to acceptance in the program.


This course builds on the students individual and group sense of safety, fair play and leadership. Through development and application of leadership theory and skills, students apply themselves in a PHE environment working alongside PHE 8/9 classes under the mentorship of the classroom teacher.


This senior PHE course allows students to gain invaluable opportunities to engage in individual, small group, & class activities.  Leadership components are built into the course so students become familiar with taking charge of activities.  Students mentor each other & participate together in activities that reinforce lifelong learning into adult hood.


 The aim of the course is to teach students how to create a holistic fitness program that addresses and embodies all the major needs of a healthy lifestyle.  The students will be introduced to the principles of resistance training and/or similar training endeavors which will include: exercise of a general nature, sport specific training, core conditioning, and techniques that improve speed, strength, power and flexibility.  Likewise, the students will learn the importance of cardiovascular health.  Foundation principles and specific guidelines will be taught that allow the students to devise programs that will cater to their individual needs and goals.  This will in turn allow them to incorporate this into their daily routine. Furthermore, the students will be taught important topics relating to healthy lifestyle behaviors that contribute to optimal health which include: the importance of sleep, proper nutrition, how to navigate stress, and mindfulness techniques that include the regular practice of meditation



Mrs. Colleen Gaskell (DH)