Staff Directory


Name Department Email Address
Mr. G. Akizuki Applied Skills – Business
Mr. M. Allen Vice Principal 
Ms. L. Arbia Career Program Support
Ms. R. Bacot Modern Languages 
Mr. A. Botting Visual and Performing Arts 
Mr. M. Bozic Visual and Performing Arts 
Ms. S. Brown Physical & Health Ed. 
Ms. C. Buchanan EA 
Mr. I. Buchanan Science 
Mr. C. Bymoen Physical Education 
Ms. S. Callister Learning Commons/Library 
Mr. B. Cameron Modern Languages
Ms. G. Campbell (DH) Social Studies
Mr. S. Chang Mathematics
Mr. H. Chenafi Science / Languages
Mr. N. Cheng Mathematics
Mr. C. Cheong Mathematics
Ms. C. Chiang Settlement Worker
Ms. I. Chiru Modern Languages 
Ms. A. Chow (DH) VPA
Ms. S. Clarke English 
Ms. L. Clements School Admin Secretary
Ms. C. Clowers Social Studies
Ms. L. Dato Career Programs
Mr. G. DePaco Mathematics
M. B. De Santis Learning Support Services
Mr. M. Der Applied Skills.
Mr. M. Desimone English (DH) 
Ms. A. Devi LSS – Social Studies.
Ms. M. Dosanjh-Johal Pre-Employment
Mr. T. Exume Modern Languages
Ms. K. Flello Bookkeeper
Ms. B. Fordyce Visual & Performing Arts
Mr. F. Fulop Science
Ms. C. Gaskell (DH) Physical & Health Ed. 
Ms. C. Georgilas (DH) Learning Support Services
Mr. G. Gatti Modern Languages
Ms. M. Gillera Educational Assistant
Ms. K. Green English 
Ms. A. Greenside Applied Skills 
Mr. K. Gula Physical Education – mathematics
Mr. C. Haas Visual & Performing Arts
Ms. J. Ho Applied Skills
Ms. J. Holmes Educational Assistant
Ms. C. Howard Educational Assistant
Mr. S. Howard Physical Education
 Mr. R. Hunter English
Ms. V. Ignas Science
Dr. G. Joe English
Ms. K. Kaur Educational Assistant
Ms. A. Kazulin (DH) Modern Languages
Ms. A. Kojima International Student Assistant
Ms. S. Kwon Applied Skills
Ms. K. Lange (DH) Science
Ms. S. Langille Math
Ms. C. Lee English
Ms. E. Leung Applied Skills
Ms. Y. Li Modern Languages
Ms. J. MacLean Visual & Performing Arts
Mr. G. McAvoy ADST – Tech Ed
Mr. N. Mehta Physical & Health Ed.
Ms. N. Metzger Access
Ms. D. Miller English
Ms. L. Moti Textbook/attendance
Ms. T. Niccoli-Harris Counsellor
Ms. P. Orlando Modern Languages
Mr. P. Parkes English
Ms. M. Pippo-Michielli Vice Principal
Mr. R. Porczek Business Education
Ms. S. Quelch (DH) English
Mr. R. Riach Social Studies
Mr. T. Ritchie Social Studies / PE
Ms. J. Rundell Visual & Performing Arts
Ms. K. Sahota Educational Assistant
Ms. S. Sandhu Educational Assistant
Mr. C. Sandor Principal
Mr. M. Sidney Science
Ms. P. Simmonds Science
Ms. R. Singhai Science
Ms. L. Sjodin English
Ms. M. Smayra Languages
Mr. R. So ADST – Business
Mr. S. Spracklin (DH) Athletics / PHN
Mr. I. Steko Counselling
Mr. A. Stevens Learning Support Services
Ms. J. Szpila Educational Assistant
Ms. J. Tadd ELL
Mr. K. Tyfting Counsellor
Ms. O. Vancic (DH) Counsellor
Ms. C. Wan Science
Mr. E. Wan ELL
Ms. A. Wcislo Educational Assistant
Ms. T. Wispinski Career Programs
Mr. A. Wong Physical & Health Ed.
Ms. C. Wong Career Program / English
Ms. L. Wong Science
Ms. C. Wu Mathematics
Mr. D. Young Mathematics
Ms. T. Zamfirescu Modern Languages