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On May 29 and 30th our student learning conversations will be held. Grade 9’s and half of the grade 10’s will be on the 29th and the 8’s and the remaining grade 10’s will be on the 30th. Please note the following:

  • Appointment times will be posted outside of the office and outside student services.
  • Once the appointment times are posted you MUST check in with your interviewing teacher to confirm your appointment.
  • You must bring your completed Core Competency Rubrics (which can be found under the student tab on this website) and your evidence of learning. This may be an assignment, video, art piece… anything that demonstrates your development within the Core Competencies this year.
  • If you miss your interview due to illness or emergency, it is your responsibility to touch base with the teacher both before your missed appointment and after so that you may schedule a time to make it up.
  • Grade 8-10 Students 

    Please remember to bring your COMPLETED self assessment rubrics with you to your learning conversation this week! These are located on the Moscrop Website  Student Tab > Core Competencies > click on the rubrics you have chosen

    Also, don’t forget to check in with your Conversation teachers!!

    Remember this is a celebration of your learning! You don’t need to bring an assignment you received an ‘A’ on! This is anything that shows your growth.