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February is Black History Month!

Black History Month is an intentional time of year that provides necessary opportunities for all Canadians to learn more about Black culture, and for us to celebrate the many achievements and contributions of Black people.  Throughout history, Black Canadians have done so much to make Canada the culturally diverse, compassionate, and prosperous nation we know today.  We recognize that Black history is Canadian history and should be a focus all year-round, but we also understand that heritage months/celebrations are important because they help explain the stories, complexities, and the richness of groups within our larger national identity.  The month of February is a time of year to learn and dig deeper into people, places, cultural impacts, and movements from history to the present day.

To learn more, check out Moscrop’s Website for Black History Month where you’ll find info about Black leaders and Black excellence, a 28 day challenge, book & movie recommendations, a list of virtual events,  teacher resources, and more: