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Grade 8 and 9 Learning Conversations – June 9th

Attention Grade 8 and 9 Students,

Grade 8 and 9 learning conversations will be occurring on Wednesday, June 9th between 1:30 and 3:00PM. By now you should have received information about this during your block 7 class. Student-Teacher pairings and time slots for interviews are now posted in the school in 2 places – on the wall near the main office and on the 3rd floor landing near the Learning Commons. Please check this list and make note of the time of your interview, the teacher you are paired with, and the room where the interview will take place (also please make sure you know how to get to the room where your interview will take place). If you have any questions, please check in with your block 7 teacher or the main office. Remember that these learning conversations are a celebration of your learning! Have fun with it!