Welcome to Moscrop’s Drama Program 

 Drama class is a place to come during your school day to do activities, play games, build skills, try new ideas,and express yourself. Like all of the arts, Drama is a way to tell our stories and to see and listen to each other. Drama students will have experiences that may lead them to reflect on the creative process, make connections to their own lives, and collaborate with peers while creating performance pieces. We practise telling our stories and the stories of people who are different from us. We practise giving constructive feedback, being a respectful audience and having fun.  

 The Drama Department will offer the following courses in the 2021/22 school year. Please ask Ms MacLean for details or if you have any questions. 

 Drama 8

.Drama 8 is an introductory creative drama course. It is a course in developmental drama that also includes in-class performances.  


Drama 9 / 10

Drama 9/10 If you took Drama 8, you will continue to develop your skills and if you are new to Drama, you will find that Drama 9/10 is a good place to start. 




Drama 11 & 12  

Drama 11 and 12 are experiential courses where students learn acting skills and have performance experiences in a supportive and diverse community.  


Improv Team  

Moscrop’s Improv Team meets once or twice a week to practise skills and build a team to compete in the Canadian Improv Games.  Watch for school notices in September to learn when the team will start practising

Theatre 11/12 Performance: Directing & Script Writing

Directing and Scriptwriting 11 & 12  

(Requires teacher recommendation.)  

When you are registered in Directing and Scriptwriting, you may be practising your leadership skills with your peers or students who are younger, you may be learning about directing and/or you may be writing scripts. The shape of the course will be collaboratively developed between you and the teacher. You must be self motivated and self directed to succeed in this course.  

Theatre Production 10/11/12

Theatre Production 10/11/12  

(Requires teacher’s recommendation. When you sign up for this course, please also get an application form from Ms MacLean)  

please note: In order to have an opportunity to perform in the school play, you need to be registered in another Drama Course as well. Some exceptions may be made in special circumstances.  

The members of this class will be the members of Moscrop’s Theatre Company. The class will happen outside of the regular school schedule but each student will be required to attend at least as many hours as they would for a course inside of the regular schedule. The time will be arranged according to the needs of the production schedule. The main focus of the class will be to produce the annual school play over the course of the academic year as well as some smaller public performance offerings. Possible productions include: comedy, drama, satire, parody, story theatre, dance-drama, and plays with live music. The nature and style of the production will be heavily influenced by who is in the Company during each school year. Students who are in Theatre Production will also be focussing on the technical aspects of production such as design, construction, lighting, publicity etc 

Theatre Production students are not all required to be acting in the performances but all will be expected to make contributions to technical and administrative aspects of our productions.