Drama is a discipline that originates in the impulse to depict human experiences, communicate understanding about these experiences, and give them form and meaning. Drama is a powerful mode of expression that has evolved over time to include a variety of forms and styles. It seeks to bridge the real and the imagined, the concrete and the symbolic, the practical and the inspired. Drama is an interactive, creative process that engages students in relationships with others and with the environment.

Drama 8

Drama 8 is an introductory creative drama course. It is a course in developmental drama rather than a course focused only on theatre/performance. Units in our class may include: Games, Improvisation, Story Theatre, Voice Work, Creative Movement, Scene Building, Scripted Scene Work, mask, Musical Theatre, Classic Texts, and Mime.

Drama 9

Drama 9 is also an introductory creative drama course. It is a course in developmental drama rather than a course focused only on theatre/performance. If you took Drama 8, you will continue to develop your skills and if you are new to Drama, you will find that Drama 9 is a good place to start.

Drama 10: Theatre Performance, Theatre Performance 11, and 12

Drama 10 and Theatre Performance 11 and 12 are experiential courses where students learn acting skills and have performance experiences in a supportive and diverse community. There is no prerequisite for this course.

Units in our class may include: Improvisation, Voice, Movement, Scripted scene work, Monologues, Shakespeare, Mask, Clown, Play Building, Musical Theatre, Story Theatre, Short Plays, Writing for the stage, Character Work and Script Analysis.

Improvisation 12

Creativity is not the possession of some special talent. It is about the willingness to play.” (John Cleese)There is no prerequisite for this course.

Improv 12 is a new Drama course being offered in the 2018/19 school year. We will spend the year learning all about the art of improvisation for the theatre. This is a great course for students who already love to improvise and for students who need some time and guidance to learn how to improvise. We will practise creativity, teamwork, trust and acceptance of our own and others’ ideas. We will learn about collaboration, listening, storytelling, character building and environment building. We will work with different forms of improv such as Theatre Sports and the Canadian Improv Games.

Improvisation is one of the skills in life where you act first and think later. It is a safe environment to experience failure and make mistakes and notice that no harm has been done! It can be a tremendous source of play and fun while helping to build skills that will serve you in the future.

“Nothing will stop you from being creative more effectively than the fear of making a mistake.” (John Cleese)

Theatre 11/12 Performance: Directing & Script Writing

(Requires teacher recommendation.)

Directing and Script Writing is a course for self-motivated students who want to develop their leadership and directing skills as well as have the chance to write and develop their own script ideas. Students will have the opportunity to direct already-published works as well as develop and direct their own scenes, monologues and short plays. This course emphasizes the working relationship between actor, director and playwright and the communication and collaboration skills that are necessary when directing one’s peers. Students will work in tandem with a Drama 8 or 9 block or Acting 10/11/12 block and they may direct in-class student projects as well as their own work. There may also be opportunities for Directing and Script Writing students to assistant direct school productions.

Theatre Production 10/11/12

(Requires teacher’s recommendation. When you sign up for this course, please get an application form from Ms. MacLean)

Please note: In order to have an opportunity to perform in the school play, you need to be registered in another Drama Course as well. Some exceptions may be made in special circumstances.

The members of this class will be the members of Moscrop’s Theatre Company. The class will happen outside of the regular school schedule but each student will be required to attend at least as many hours as they would for a course inside of the regular schedule. The time will be arranged according to the needs of the production schedule. The main focus of the class is to produce the annual school play over the course of the academic year as well as some smaller public performance offerings. Possible productions include: comedy, drama, satire, parody, story theatre, dance-drama, and plays with live music. The nature and style of the production will be heavily influenced by who is in the Company during each school year.
Students who sign up for Theatre Production may be acting in the production(s) or focusing on the technical aspects of production such as design, construction, lighting, publicity. All students are expected to make some contributions to technical and administrative aspects of our production(s).