Music courses at Moscrop are sequential courses and each course builds on the skills and concepts of the course before it. We are proud of the enriched program we offer students including trips and retreats, visits to the symphony and opera, special clinicians and experienced music teachers who bring a wealth of educational and professional music experience with them. In our program we encourage a community of music learners in which interested students can experience leadership roles. Please note: WE DO NOT TEACH PIANO OR GUITAR IN OUR MUSIC CLASSES. STUDENTS ON THESE INSTRUMENTS MAY AUDITION FOR JAZZ BAND CLASSES.

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Beginner Band

Students in grade 8-11 who have no experience on a band instrument should register for BEGINNER BAND. In this course we will teach you to play a musical instrument, read music and learn to work with others to make music. Students should rent or purchase an instrument AFTER we have explored all the instruments in class. Please have two instrument choices as we can only accept a limited number of each type of instrument. WE DO NOT TEACH ELECTRIC BASS, PIANO OR GUITAR in this class.

Junior Band

Students with one year of elementary band experience should register for Junior Band. In this class students will learn fundamental musical concepts about music and about playing their instrument. Students must be prepared to practice 2 hours a week to succeed in this class. This is a performance based class with opportunities to perform.

Band 9

Students must have completed Junior Band or the equivalent to register for this class. Students will develop their knowledge and appreciation of music as well as their instrumental technique in this class

Band 10

Students must complete Band 9 or have completed Beginner Band or Junior Band and have attained knowledge and skills above expectations so that Band 10 is the best placement for the student.

Senior Band

Students must have completed Band 10 to enroll in Senior Band. Senior Band is a fun course but requires commitment to music and practicing as well as the ability to focus in rehearsals.

Junior Choir

Students in grade 8-10 with no singing experience should enroll in JUNIOR CHOIR. In this course you will learn vocal techniques that will enhance your singing voice. You will also have
opportunities to perform.

Senior Choir

Students in grade 10-12 with singing experience should enroll in SENIOR CHOIR. In this course we will build on the techniques learned in junior choir.

Jazz Band

Student must be in grade 9 or 10 to enroll in JUNIOR JAZZ BAND and in grade 10 -12 to enroll in SENIOR JAZZ BAND. Enrollment is by audition. Please see your counselor for a form and make an appointment to see Mr. Shier for your audition. PLEASE NOTE – WE CAN ONLY ACCEPT A LIMITED NUMBER OF STUDENTS ON EVERY JAZZ INSTRUMENT.

Music Leadership

Students in grades 11-12 can apply for MUSIC LEADERSHIP. Music leadership is designed for students interested in exploring music beyond the experiences in band or choir. Students must see one of the music teachers to apply for this course.


Students in Grades 8-12 who play a string instrument (violin, viola, cello or bass) and have reached grade 6 Royal Conservatory, or who have played for minimum of 3 years are encouraged to take this course. Brass and Woodwind players interested in taking Orchestra must see Mrs. Rundell
for a course application form. In Orchestra we perform classical orchestral music.