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Community Collaborative Dance Project

On December 4th, dancers and dance educators from Burnaby Mountain and Moscrop Secondary embarked on their first day of a community collaborative dance project! The project involves bringing dancers together from our Burnaby District Dance Community to create and explore together. The project came from a want to collaborate between Ashley Chow, Ashley Pattenaude and Deanna Worobets, and was further inspired by the call from students to feel supported in their community. The theme of the project focuses around resilience and support in hopes that students will build meaningful relationships in their community.

Students will gain new performance opportunities from this project, as well, the piece is also being created as a dance on film project where students will learn about various filming techniques to try to capture some of the same qualities on film that a live performance delivers to an audience.

We are very excited about this project and students yesterday had an amazing first class together! We look forward to performing and sharing the film with as many audiences as possible.

Kind regards,

Ashley Chow, Ashley Pattenaude & Deanna Worobets