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Congratulations to our 2019 Social Studies Fair Winners!

Once again, Moscrop students displayed excellent critical thinking with their inquiry projects on display last week.

The winners in the English category are:

1st place Evelyn Chen & Negar Shaban – How is Islamophobia impacting the Uyghurs in China?
2nd place Alisha Anwar, Haffsa Zahid & Sarah Shetty – Decline of biodiversity
3rd place Maddy Graveson & Kaeden Quan – The effects of overconsumption
Honourable Mention Vivien Liang & Jessie Sheng – China’s one child policy

The winners in the French category are:

1st place Hannah Qin & Rebecca Mar – Le Plastique dons nos Ocèans
2nd place Isabella Lin, Lianne Guo & Katie Khaodhiar – Holocaust vs Pensionnats, Autochtones: Laquelle Impacte, Notre Monde Moderne Le Plus?
3rd place Mia Moya & Nazife Kilic – Infanticide des Filles
Honourable Mention Victoria Brown & Manya Sharma – Vaccinations Obligatoires