Moscrop Secondary offers a vast array of Leadership courses with a variety of focuses.

Leadership Application Form can be found here  and are due by February 22, 2024

Leadership (Grade 9)

This course focuses on group process, communication and organizational skills, and decision-making. Classroom activities and projects, promote global thinking, positive personal interaction and makng a difference in the world today – at all levels. Helping students become responsible, positive citizens is the major goal of the class. The class does numerous cooperative team building activities, which also includes the book Seven Habits of Successful Teens. Students in the program also work during lunch-time planning and putting on their events. Overall, this class is about learning “how to get things done”.

Physical & Health Education Leadership/English Leadership 10

Students enrolled in this invaluable program receive full credit for both English 10 & Physical & Health Education 10. This multi-faceted leadership 10 class will allow you to use your collective strengths and energies towards making your school a more vibrant place. During this year you will learn a lot about yourself, your classmates, and create lasting memories. You will need to be prepared to give to the school because you want to, not because you must.

In both PHE class and English class students develop their leadership potential: designing/participating in class/school projects, field trips to live theatre, unique leadership assignments pertaining to literature and to the “gym” environment, & supporting Moscrop initiatives (i.e.Cornfest, Woodstock). Volunteer hours are required throughout the year and participation in school events is integral. The English curriculum is based upon provincial requirements (Focused Literary studies/Creative Writing), but is enriched, providing a great deal of formal and informal writing and speaking activities. Be ready to explore who you are as a learner and leader…and be ready to push yourself to be the best possible learner and leader you can! Focus is on the development of strong communication skills, integrating all modes of expression: reading, writing, and speaking. The PHE curriculum is based upon provincial requirements but is enriched with volunteer opportunities in the athletic gym environment and beyond as well as many opportunities for students to collaborate and lead small groups through activities/warm-ups/games.

English & PHE 10 are scheduled in the timetable to run back-to-back in the afternoon. This schedule allows for extended time for field trips & related leadership activities. Applications are mandatory prior to acceptance in the program.

Senior Leadership (grade 11/12)

This course offers the students the opportunity to develop leadership skills through a variety of in-school and out-of-school- experiences. Through consultation and collaboration with other “leadership” groups in the school, you will learn the skills of effective leaders. This course is intended to be student driven. The direction of the course and the productivity of the group are dependent on each member’s participation and input. The success of the course and our year as leaders at Moscrop is dependent on what you as an individual and you, as a group, are willing to invest. The course is composed of one block of 30 students, evenly split in number between the grades. They oversee all major “Big Ticket” events at Moscrop, including dances and special activities such as Cornfest, Pancake Day, and Woodstock. This class is a “get up and go do it” group that has the experience to create a very vibrant social scene. Many students in Senior Leadership elect to take the class for two years: however, involvement for both years is not mandatory.



Ms. S. Brown
Mr. R. Hunter
Ms. A. Greenside
Mr. N. Mehta