Learning Support Services


Department Head:  Ms. Cristina Georgilas
Ms. C. Andersen
Ms. A. Devi
Ms. M. Dosanjh
Mr. M. Ehl
Mr. N. Mehta
Ms. A. Stevens


In Learning Support Services, students strengthen their understanding within all, most, or some of these key domains:

  • social interaction
  • communication
  • behaviours
  • emotional functioning
  • independence
  • cognition
  • academics, and
  • health factors.


The Outreach room, 332, is available every block as a drop in learning space for any student who requires additional support with their mainstream classes. Outreach provides diverse students with opportunities to build on their strengths and meet their stretches. Students learn to:

  • Accomplish goals in many of the key domains by developing their thinking, communication, personal and social core competencies
  • Engage and reflect on their learning as it pertains to the big ideas/learning standards within mainstream classes.

All students can access Outreach in collaboration with their classroom teacher.


Pre-Employment provides students with skills, experiences and knowledge to transition into adulthood successfully. Students have opportunities to attain success in some of the areas including:

  • Functional Living Skills
  • Social/Emotional Learning
  • Work Experience in the Community
  • In-School Business within a Classroom Economy Model
  • Career/Personal Planning
  • Modified/Adapted Core Academic Courses.

Academic learning is provided by student enrollment in mainstream core courses such as English, Math, Social Studies, and Science. Learning core subjects within the Pre-Employment class is an alternative to strengthening students’ core and curricular competencies. Students also enroll in elective courses based on their interests and passions. Upon finishing their grade 12 year, students receive either a school-leaving certificate (Evergreen) or a Dogwood Diploma representative of their pathway and achievement level.


Access provides support for exceptional learners throughout a student’s high school years. Students are included in elective/core courses suited to their interests and to build upon their strengths. Students’ focus on functional life skills and strive to develop their independence. Some areas of focus include:

  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Work Employment
  • Social Skills
  • Fitness/Hygiene
  • Navigating within the Community
  • Basic Food Preparation
  • Transition to High School and Adulthood.

Competency-based individual education plans are designed in consultation with teachers, parents/guardians, educational assistants, outside agencies, and with students as appropriate.

Alternate Education

In the Alternate Education classroom, students from grades 10 to 12 find success in high school with the goal of receiving a Dogwood Certificate. Students work on an individual basis and with adaptations when necessary. Admission is based on administrative approval.


In School Peer Tutoring

In school peer tutoring is a credited course which trains interested senior students in becoming peer tutors. Peer tutors work in classes throughout the school and/or in Outreach. Interested peer tutors in grades 11 or 12 must obtain an application form from Mrs. Georgilas in room 332.