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Moscrop Visits Carnaval in Quebec City

As a student who’s been in the French immersion program since elementary school, going to Quebec during carnaval was like a dream come true. Mme. Bacot (the teacher who planned the program), Ms. Watson, Mme. Smayra and M. Chenafi were incredible chaperones who were caring and loving throughout the trip. As grade 9 Sciences Humaines and grade 10 Français Langue students, we felt the trip was a perfect opportunity to experience the French culture and language. It was nice to be independent and living without parents and guardians. Every day was a new adventure, whether it was outdoor activities like snowshoeing at Lac Delage and dog sledding in forest paths, taking in the gorgeous scenery by the Château Frontenac, Montmorency Falls Park, a ferry ride across the St. Lawrence River or the stunning European inspired architecture, each event was incredibly memorable. One of the highlights of this trip definitely had to be enjoying the carnaval parade and taking pictures with bonhomme. Not only was the trip filled with fun, but we also had many educational opportunities such as learning about the 19th century military lifestyle, meeting local students (our pen pals), going to the traditional Huron-Wendat Village, visiting the Copper Museum and touring Le Parlementaire! Breakfast and dinner were with the whole group and we were able to relish in modernized traditional French meals. At lunch, we had a chance to explore our own choice of French/other cuisine and free time to shop and sightsee. Overall, this trip was such an amazing experience that I will never forget. I am so thankful to have had this opportunity to learn more about the French culture, speak French with local Francophones, create vivid and impactful memories and bond with other students.

Vivez Québec ! Vivez Bonhomme Carnaval !

Manya Sharma
Grade 9 French Immersion Student