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Grade 12 Capstone Presentations Thursday April 18th

A reminder to parents and students that Thursday, April 18th is a 5-period day.
Please note that grade 8, 9 and 10 students will be dismissed at 1:55pm on this day and are asked to leave quickly and quietly while Grade 12 students will be giving their Capstone Presentations in the various classrooms of the school.
Grade 11 students are required to stay, and will be assigned a specific classroom during this time to witness the Grade 12 presentations. This is done to assist them in their understanding of the presentation process, preparing them for their own Capstone presentations which will occur in Grade 12, and is part of the Ministry of Education’s new requirements for graduation.

Bell Schedule:
Warning Bell 8:35a
Period 5 8:40a-9:40a
Period 6 9:45a-10:50a
Nutrition Break 10:50a-11:05a
Warning Bell 10:59a
Period 7 11:05-12:10P
LUNCH 12:10p-12:55p
Period 8 12:55p-1:55p (1:55: Grade 8s, 9s, 10s dismissed)

GR 12 PRESENTATIONS 2:00p-3:04p  Gr 11s and 12s stay (& may be required to be here past 3:04 if need be.)

Thank you.