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Moscrop Achieves Amazing Results for Fryer, Galois, and Hypatia Math Contests!

We are proud to inform Moscrop is ranked #1 in BC for all of Fryer, Galois, and Hypatia contests. In addition, we are ranked #3/513 for Fryer, #4/527 for Galois, and #2/530 for Hypatia in CANADA.

Congratulations to the following students for exceptional contest scores contributing to our school ranking:

Fryer: Anna Li (Perfect score 40/40), Jacob Magbag (Perfect score 40/40), Chi Sheng Chang, Susan He, Nicholas Wu

Galois: Evelyn Young, Anna Rojrattanachai, Milica Maksimovic, Jessie Sheng, Jason Cao, Emma Gong, Winnie Wu

Hypatia: Jack Liu, Wenni Wang, Angel Liu, Chandler Ma, Mark Vittangkrun


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