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Social Studies Virtual Mini Doc film fest

From  April 30-May 10 the Social Studies department is hosting a virtual mini-doc film fest. All films are created by students in teams of 1-3, are 7-10 minutes long, and center around the theme of: 2020 in one word.

For more information and to see a full list of submissions visit:


We’d love to celebrate these students’ creativity and hard work!  All students and staff are encouraged to watch  & vote for their favourite videos.  The viewer’s choice awards will be calculated and announced May14th.

Each day a film will be posted.  Below is the link to vote for the viewers choice award.

Cast your vote here at the end of Day 10

Day #1: Change:

  • Annika Logarta & Juliana Semerdjian, grade 10

Day #2: Dusk to Dawn:

  •  Bryant Aryadi (11), Daisy Le(11), Anh Pham (12), and Jan Nguyen (12)

Day #3: Grief:

  • JM Teleg, grade 12

Day #4: Monumental:

  • Amuktya Palle, Juneeta Vangala, grade 9

Day #5: Pandemonium:

  • Rachel Yip, grade 8

Day #6: Resilient:

  • Sonia Sahota, grade 9

Day #7: The End:

  • Aisha Sylla, Angela Baga, grade 8

Day #8: Post form on website