Home Economics

Please note that there are NO prerequisites for Home Economics courses. Students can take any of the following courses for the first time in any grade that the course is offered.  For example, you can take Food Studies for the first time when you are in grade 12, without having taken Food Studies in grades 9, 10, or 11.


Explore both Food Studies and Textile Studies in the Home Economics portion of the mandatory Applied Design, Skills and Technologies 8 course.

Skills Exploration 10 (Food Studies 9)

Food Studies 10

“This course alternates countries each year so that students who choose to take it in Grade 9 and 10 will have new international cuisines and recipes each year.”

This hands-on course will offer three modules – Cooking, Baking, and Tourism. The Cooking module will include knife skills, soups, starches, thickening agents, emulsification, vegetables, sandwiches, dressings, meat, poultry, and plating/presentation. The Baking module will include cookies, cupcakes, biscuits, chocolate, pan breads, flat breads, and decoration. The Tourism module will add an international flair to the course where students can explore tourism in a variety of countries, learn about global issues surrounding food production, and even have the opportunity to make recipes from the countries they study. This course is an excellent option for students interested in learning more about careers in cooking, baking, or tourism, or for students who want to improve their food preparation skills and world knowledge. Note: since you are able to take this course two years in a row, Grade 9 students who take this course will be receiving a Grade 10 credit, and Grade 10 students will receive a Grade 11 credit


Gain practical experience creating increasingly complex recipes and expand your gastronomic talents in creative labs! Explore social and ethical issues surrounding food, and learn skills that will help you be prepared for life beyond high school. This course alternates topics each year so that students who choose to take it in Grade 11 and 12 will have new topics and recipes each year.

CULINARY ARTS: Baking 11/12

Do you love to bake? Are you considering a career as a pastry chef or just want to develop your baking techniques? This is the course for you. Explore the amazing world of baked goods while exercising your creativity and artistic skills. This course alternates topics each year so that students who choose to take it in Grade 11 and 12 will have new topics and recipes each year. Baked goods include sweet, savoury, and International cuisine so you’ll have a well-rounded experience!


Do you enjoy making Textile items and clothing? Sewing machines and sergers are used for some projects, but no prior experience with machines is necessary. Fashion and accessories projects vary each year and may include: Tote bags, DOPP kits, Bucket hats, T-shirts, basketball shorts, pants, skirts, tops, button-up shirts, joggers, jackets and hoodies inspired by well-known brands. There will also be upcycling and personal projects to challenge and strengthen your skills. Let your creativity flow in this hands-on, exciting new take on Textiles! Students are welcome to take this course throughout grades 9 -12 as new projects will be offered every year.


“Have you ever wondered how businesses prepare meals for parties, weddings, buffets and restaurants? This course provides students opportunities to prepare food for larger events. Basic kitchen safety and the BC Food Safe level 1 course will be included in this course. Topics include knife skills, garnishes, cooking methods, baking techniques, costing recipes, and to use local fresh ingredients. This course is open to grade 10,11,12 students and suitable for students who want to explore careers in the culinary world. Classes may be held outside the regular time table and a flexible schedule will be necessary in order to meet catering

INTERIOR DESIGN 12 (also called Housing and Living Environments 12)

This exciting new course will have both theoretical and hands-on components. We will examine theories about societal trends and influences on housing needs, laws and regulations pertaining to housing, as well as financial considerations in choosing where to live. The hands-on component will include learning about and applying building, architectural, and interior design methods to your own personal design interests. This is an excellent course for those considering careers involving engineering, architecture, city planning, social work, interior design, law, construction, and more! This Grade 12 course is also open to Grade 11 students who are interested in this topic.  This is a non sewing course.

Fashion Merchandising 12 (also known as Fashion Industry 12)

Have a flair for fashion and style? How do designers and consumers determine what is to become fashion? Gain an understanding of fashion and its place in society. Learn about the promotion of clothing and accessories through developing magazine editorials, social media and advertising campaigns, visual display and merchandising among many other trendsetting strategies. Learn about the market’s wants and needs through analyzing current fashion trends as well as an ability to forecast future trends through understanding the fashion life cycle and factors that influence current styles. Discover various aspects of the fashion industry locally and globally. This Grade 12 course is also open to Grade 11 students who are interested in this topic. This is a non-sewing course.