Modern Languages


Throughout the Spanish classes, students not only learn the language but also have the opportunity to explore the sounds, places, celebrations, and tastes of the Hispanic world. Our Spanish classes contain a variety of activities and projects that help you explore the culture and put into practice what you have learned. Games, songs, movies, stories, videos, and dance are some of the resources used to learn in a fun way. The Spanish program contains up to date material and online resources to help you review and advance at your own pace. All levels are welcome.

Spanish 9

To start off with Spanish, students learn the alphabet sounds, greetings and the basics to be able to introduce themselves and others as the first steps to communicate. Students also learn how to talk about weather, the numbers, express likes and dislikes, and how to form simple sentences to describe people. Friends, food, family, and shopping are some of the topics. In addition, students explore places like New York and other cities in the United States, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Spain.

Spanish 10

At the beginning of the year, students review and expand on the topics, grammar, and vocabulary learned in Spanish 9. Through written, listening, and oral activities, students increase their vocabulary and use of verbs in present tenses. Some of the topics covered at this level are routines, the house, health, and amusement activities. Students also get to explore further places like Ecuador, Dominican Republic, and Argentina.

Spanish 11

In this course, students review Spanish 9 and 10 content and advance on their communication in past tenses. At this level, students learn how to talk about vacation, routines, and events and how to describe situations and experiences. Students explore Hispanic celebrations, characters, and most of the Hispanic countries.

Spanish 11 Intro

This course is offered to those students in grades 10 to 12 who are just starting to learn the language. This program covers content from Spanish 9 and 10 and helps you advance on Spanish 11 content.

Spanish 12

In this course, students review and progress on the use of past tense and advance on future and subjunctive tenses. Students are more frequently exposed to literature and film resources at their level. At this level students are able to talk more about life events, future plans and goals, environment, professions, and give recommendations. They also further explore Hispanic countries, culture and dance.

Spanish Teacher:  Teodora Zamfirescu