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New parking lot changes

We wanted to let everyone know that traffic flow in the Moscrop parking lot has now been changed in anticipation of the activation of the new traffic light at Moscrop and Barker streets.  The intention of these changes is to create a safer intersection to enhance the Health & Safety of the students and all users of the road near the school.  The city has installed a new crosswalk and traffic signal at the intersection of Moscrop and Barker and the traffic light will be activated very soon. Please note, these traffic changes are now in effect.  We will be placing cones to make the changes clear.  Please be sure to follow all posted signs.

A few of the highlights:

  1. two crosswalks crossing Moscrop Street with a new traffic light (#1 below)
  2. vehicle entrance to Moscrop at the intersection will become an entrance only with two entry lanes (#2 below)
  3. to exit the parking lot, you can either exit out via #3 in the map below (previously an entrance only, now westbound exit only) or via the Huxley street exit (west end of the parking lot)
  4. two lanes of traffic westbound on Moscrop street

Please take extra care if you are dropping off or picking up students.  The graphic below highlights the new traffic flow changes: